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Nissan Centrum is among the world’s best Nissan dealerships.

 We are excited to announce that in 2022, Nissan Centrum was recognized with the prestigious Nissan Global Award!

This award is given to dealerships that excel in customer service, achieve the highest market share in their area, and are dedicated to the Nissan brand.

We are proud to be among the select few worldwide to receive this recognition from Nissan Motor Ltd! We attribute our success to our unwavering commitment to our customers’ satisfaction.

We strive to provide the same level of service that we would expect ourselves. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that every customer receives the best possible service, whether they are buying or selling a car or using our service offerings.

And what does Nissan Global Award recognition mean for our customers?” you may ask. Well, it means that we are dedicated to providing the best possible service and experience for our customers.
When you visit us, you can expect to be greeted with a friendly and modern atmosphere that is focused on your needs. We offer a full range of models, from electric cars to sports cars, and our team of professionals will assist you in selecting the right option for your needs.

We offer test drives, personalized financial solutions, loaner cars, electric charging, and much more. So why not come see for yourself? Visit us today and experience the difference!


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